Experience + Expertise = Excellence

Every medical device company needs a well-equipped tool box to build and maintain successful marketing and sales efforts. Marketing rules, staff reorgs and reductions, regulatory constraints, provider relations, consumer engagement, and patient education are complex challenges facing your organization, not to mention the always-evolving technical demands of today’s connected world. VoxMD has the marketing expertise, and the device company sales background, to help your brand stand out to your target audiences. And VoxMD has the creative and technical talent to deliver your message in conventional – and unconventional – channels to your organization, sales force, clients, and their patients. Whether you need a specialized tool or the entire kit, VoxMD is your proven partner to design, build, and execute your mission.

Experience can only be achieved over time, and we’ve put in the hours. Learn about our background and history that led us to create VoxMD, and why we are more experienced and knowledgeable about your company, products, and people than any other medical device marketing company.

We’re a full-service, fully-staffed agency with expertise across all channels and mediums – conventional, digital, and unconventional – as well as expertise developing, managing, and delivering global programs within sales, marketing, medical education, and service areas in your company.

The wealth of experience and expertise that is VoxMD, coupled with an above-and-beyond culture, lets us provide excellence in delivery, excellence in execution, and excellence in ROI to your company’s bottom line. We partner with your company and treat it as our own.